3:52 PM Eastern - Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Community to Big Banks: "You Can't Play Monopoly With Our Lives"

Monopoly_houses.jpgProtests are taking place this week in Minnesota, to demand that the big banks play their part in rebuilding our economy.

Today, students, workers, clergy, and other members of the community demonstrated at the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Minneapolis, to protest Wells Fargo's lending practices while tens of thousands of Minnesota homes have been foreclosed on in recent years. To symbolize this loss, 14,000 little monopoly houses were dropped by "Mr. Moneybags" at the action site.

On Friday, at least 200 workers, community advocates, residents and religious leaders are expected to rally at an "Executive of the Year" ceremony to honor US Bank CEO at the Hilton in downtown Minneapolis. Attendees entering the event will see demonstrators displaying pictures of families forced to struggle with foreclosure and pass out flyers while ministers lead prayers.

Both actions are part of a continued effort to demand that big bank executives--like US Bancorp and Wells Fargo--do the right thing to fulfill their responsibility to the taxpayers that bailed them out by supporting better jobs and a green future, and helping keep working Americans in their homes. Last week, over 100 fed-up Minnesotans marched on a Minnesota Bankers Association meeting in St. Paul, before lobbying legislators at the State Capitol later the same day.

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