2:37 PM Eastern - Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 5 of SB1070 Vigils in Arizona

With the Today marks the 5th day of vigils outside of the Arizona Statehouse in protest of the recent passage of the worst anti-immigrant state legislation in the country. Hundreds of Arizona voters, youth, and community activists are pushing for Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill.

Governor Jan Brewer and has less than 48 hours to either sign the bill, allow it to become law by taking no action, or veto the bill.

If signed into law SB 1070 would strain local public safety efforts by forcing police officers to prioritize federal immigration laws over enforcement of local law; encourage unchecked racial profiling of anyone "suspected" of being undocumented; create the threat of deportation for lawfully present immigrants and US citizens seeking work if they do not have their documentation on them at all times; and, punish local small businesses for working within the rules of the federal immigration system.

As Scott Washburn, State Director of SEIU Arizona pointed out in a post for the Huffington Post:

The so-called "Safe Neighborhoods" legislation is such a bill. It's the kind of misguided legislation that gets passed every election year. Most legislators -- including Senator John McCain -- know the bill won't solve a thing. They know it will cost our state resources we don't have. They know it could wreak havoc in our communities and lead to the kind of racial profiling our country left behind years ago. But they vote for these kinds of bills because they think it will make people feel better.

... However, instead of finding practical solutions to move us forward, Arizona's attention is focused on political drama. Will Governor Brewer play the same old game of demonizing immigrants to score cheap political points? Will she waste taxpayer funds and turn Arizona into ground zero for anti-immigrant hate? Or will she take a higher road that puts smart policy and the needs of all Arizonans ahead of petty politics?

Here's some video of the organizing that is taking place outside of the Arizona State House.

Click here to call Governor Brewer and tell her to veto SB1070.

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