7:10 PM Eastern - Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Labor Links Round-up

A few interesting things happening around the union in DC, New York, Washington, Connecticut, Maryland, Canada, California and New Mexico....

* Tonight at Georgetown University, SEIU Executive VP Gerry Hudson joined noted author Barbara Ehrenreich, WaPo columnist Harold Meyerson, editor of The Nation Chris Hayes and others for a critical discussion: "Labor, the Left and Progressives in the Obama Era."

* If 30,000 apartment building workers strike in 3,200 New York City buildings, how many New Yorkers could be affected? Find out here.

* SEIU Healthcare 1199NW members will benefit from a $5 million grant to train Washington state workers to fill jobs in the healthcare industry.

* Following a spike in assaults on front-line corrections professionals, CSEA members are calling on the Connecticut State's Department of Correction (DOC) and elected leaders to take action in order to ensure safe and secure prison facilities.

* Find out why Maryland needs to "address the chronic underfunding of services" to adequately support those with developmental disabilities and mental illness. More from SEIU Local 500.

* "Cut the waste, not the workers:" The New York Public Employees Federation (PEF) has begun airing ads in Albany and NYC markets this week that offer solutions to help close the $9 billion budget gap.

* After a grassroots campaign by SEIU Canada members and supporters online and on the ground, the Ontario government has pledged a crackdown on runaway hospital CEO pay.

* On Friday, SEIU Local 6 in Seattle kicked off a series of vigils being held across the country this week to urge President Obama and DHS Secretary Napolitano to reign in rogue ICE agents.

* Are you a California state worker furloughed in a General Fund department? From SEIU Local 1000, here are summaries of 3 lawsuits that could help you.

* Lt. Gov. Diane Denish earned the endorsement of CIR/SEIU yesterday in her bid to become the next governor of New Mexico.

* In a 2008 report by the National Institute of Retirement Security, the authors found that a traditional pension costs an average of 12.5 percent of payroll--while a comparable 401(k) costs almost 23 percent. More on why pensions work for public service workers and taxpayers from CSEA/SEIU Local 2001 member Catherine Osten.

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