9:10 AM Eastern - Monday, May 17, 2010

VIDEO: Visiting the Bank Lobbyists

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4612939991_8af5892edc.jpgThe life of a big bank lobbyist is pretty magnificent - fancy cars, giant mansions, and expensive dinners with Wall Street picking up the tab.

But this week probably isn't going to be the best week to be a lobbyist for the big banks. Because this is the week that thousands of taxpayers from across the country help pull back the curtain to show what's really going on in Washington. We're exposing how Wall Streets millions are poisoning our democracy and keeping our economy in the tank.

Yesterday, close to 1,000 people from National People's Action and SEIU headed to the home of two top lobbyists for Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase. We went to their house to ask their banks to stop taking away millions of their fellow Americans' homes and quit lobbying against commonsense Wall Street reforms.

Not surprisingly, neither of them talked with us. In fact, Gregory Baer from Bank of America initially tried to blend in with the crowd and, instead, let a family member answer the door. When one of his neighbors pointed him out to us, he announced he "didn't have time for [us]," and went inside.

The police who came to keep the peace didn't have much to do. They described it as "very peaceful" and even helped deliver our letter to Peter Scher from JPMorgan Chase.

Here's video from the day:

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