10:16 AM Eastern - Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SEIU: Elizabeth Warren is the Right Person to Head the CFPB

elizabethwarren.jpgJust released:

What do America's families need? We need banking products that help us buy a home, help us save for retirement and our children's education. We need an end to trick mortgages, an end to predatory bank and overdraft fees, and an end to credit card contracts that require a law degree to understand.

The Wall Street reform bill being signed into law this week creates a new consumer watchdog to end the predatory practices Wall Street used to plunge our country into economic misery. And Elizabeth Warren is the right person to be America's new consumer protector in chief.

Warren has spent her entire career fighting for the interests of working families and supporting policies to help rebuild our middle class. In fact, Warren even came up with the concept of a new consumer watchdog. As head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, she'll work each and every day to stand up to Wall Street and demand commonsense financial products that will protect us from the next economic meltdown.

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