5:22 PM Eastern - Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SEIU joins citizens' commission to create jobs, reduce deficit

Rally_Jobs.jpgSEIU joined Campaign for America's Future, economists, progressive organizations and other unions today to announce the Citizens' Commission on Jobs, Deficits and America's Economic Future and release a set of proposals to reduce our deficit, create good jobs and protect essential programs like Social Security and Medicare.

The recommendations will help create a fair economy by holding Wall Street and corporate CEOs accountable and ending tax breaks for millionaires.

The Citizens' Commission proposals come the day before the Fiscal Commission is expected to announce a series of proposals that would cut jobs and balance the budget off the backs of working Americans.

  » Background, key principles and the full report available here.

  » Download the full PDF of the report here.

UPDATE, December 1, 2010:

The Fiscal Commission released their budget plan proposal today. President Mary Kay Henry had this to say about the proposal:

"This proposal is a jobs killer at a time when our number one priority must be putting America back to work.

[...] "What the proposals by Representative Schakowsky, EPI, Demos and the Century Foundation, and the Citizens' Commission all demonstrate is that we can reduce the deficit without cutting jobs or undermining the safety nets of Social Security and Medicare. These proposals offer real solutions to move our economy forward, reject the failed policies that created our current crisis, and respond to the demands of the American people to create good jobs." Read the rest of Henry's statement here.

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