11:02 AM Eastern - Thursday, January 20, 2011

Live Blog: Workers and Activists Protesting at Minneapolis Chipotle

Chiptotle_sign.jpgUPDATE, 4:30pm: Eight people were arrested in an act of civil disobedience at a Chipotle store in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. The protesters were joined by fired Chipotle workers and their allies, who staged a sit-in in protest of the company's mistreatment of immigrant workers. Solidarity events were also held at other Chipotle locations in CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, IL, NY and VA.

Read media coverage of the protests at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, AP, City Pages and the Post-Bulletin. Photos from the national actions on Flickr here.

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At noon EST, workers and activists are heading into a Chipotle restaurant in Minneapolis to protest Chipotle's hypocrisy. A week before Christmas, the fast food restaurant put over 150 workers out in the cold. They were fired on the spot without notice or explanation. And then the company sent them out the door with no final paycheck and no back wages.

Since then, the company has fired hundreds more employees. Learn more about the campaign on their Facebook Page. And most importantly, take action by sending a letter to the Chipotle CEO, Steve Ells.

Chipotle likes to brag about treating their chickens and their vegetables with integrity; but the way they treat their immigrant workers is nothing short of shameful.

We've got live updates right here, including photos, as the event progresses. Check it out after the jump!


Our press release with more info, here!

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