4:22 PM Eastern - Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are you watching what's happening in Wisconsin? #solidarity

The following message went out via email to SEIU members and allies earlier today. In the first four hours, over 5,000 messages of support have come in from around the world. Lee en Español aquí - SEIU New Media Team

As I write, 30,000 people are gathered outside of the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin speaking out against Republican Governor Scott Walker's attempt to take away collective bargaining rights from public employees.

Almost 14,000 of our SEIU brothers and sisters stand to lose their rights if Governor Walker gets his way: 9,000 nurses and nursing home staff, along with about 5,000 home care workers.

They've been out there among the demonstrators all week.

We've set up a page on our website that allows you to send a message of support to our SEIU family and everyone else fighting for their rights outside the Capitol.

Share your well-wishes for the working families in Wisconsin and we'll make sure they receive them this weekend.


While the collective bargaining rights of our members are at stake, it's important to note that the conversation taking place is about more than that alone. When Scott Walker manufactured this crisis by giving tax cuts to corporations and his special interest friends last month, it escalated a state legislative debate into a struggle for economic justice with large corporations not paying their fair share to get Americans back to work.

When you see the news of our members in Wisconsin on the television and online, those are the things they're fighting for.

Send a message to your SEIU brothers and sisters who have been outside the Capitol all week and we'll make sure they receive it.


Scott Walker claims this is about saving money, but President Obama said it best: this is an "assault on unions."

But it's not just union members at risk; it's the services these members provide-whether that be as teachers, public safety personnel or home health care workers.

I'll be in touch soon with updates from Wisconsin and other states where working families are under attack from a new crop of Republican governors.

In solidarity,

Mary Kay Henry
President, SEIU

PS - Republicans are trying to take away workers' rights in at least ten states. But if we stop them in Wisconsin, we'll make a strong statement that America will not tolerate any more Republican attacks on the middle class. Stand with workers in Wisconsin now:


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