2:42 PM Eastern - Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pennsylvania Lawmakers: 'Just Say No' to Home Care Cuts #default

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Dina Nelson, a home care worker from Allentown, spoke up recently at a rally to tell Pennsylvania legislators not to make cuts to home care in this year's budget:

"Pennsylvania can't be penny wise and pound foolish by slashing services that save us money. Instead of making cuts, the legislature needs to invest in quality home care by helping attendants get affordable healthcare. If I can't take care of my own health, how am I supposed to keep my consumer healthy?"

With Pennsylvania's current budget crisis, and potential cuts to services statewide, the members of United Home Care Workers of Pennsylvania - a partnership between SEIU & AFSCME - are staying vocal to let lawmakers know personally why home care is important, effective and cost-efficient. They're being joined by consumers and allies in the fight for dignity and independence for attendants, seniors and people with disabilities.

If you live in Pennsylvania, make your voice heard by sending a powerful message to PA Governor Corbett and the state's legislature to keep funding for home and community services in the 2011 budget.

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