6:40 PM Eastern - Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Work, Unions and Public Policy: Wisconsin Roundup! #solidarity

20110215bigstory-walker.jpgMelissa Ryan sent in the picture on the left from today's rally, where thousands of Wisconsin residents and public service workers showed up at the Capitol in Madison to petition their government for redress of grievances against Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposals. From inside the Capitol, Emily Mills posted this photo of the rotunda completely packed with opponents of the budget cuts. I'm told that people made themselves heard today.

And though the attacks on workers' rights in Walker's budget excluded firefighters, Jessica Arp from WISC-TV saw Madison Firefighters showing up in force to support fellow public servants. Arp's Twitter report said the firefighters' arrival was greeted with "huge cheers."

You can find others who support Wisconsin public services on the Protect Wisconsin Families Facebook page, or follow Wisconsin bloggers and union allies on Twitter.

We can't wait to see what the rallies will be like tomorrow! If you live near Madison, WI, and would like to join in yourself, you can find the details on Facebook, or RSVP with SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin for more information and future updates. If you're in Wisconsin and can't make it, or don't live near Madison, you can always call your State Senator.

Wisconsin Roundup

Now, for your reading enjoyment, the following roundup of online news and comments from the very active Wisconsin netroots, as well as a clip from the Ed Schultz show where the Lutes family talks about how Walker's budget cuts will affect their work as public school teachers.

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