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Insurers can no longer deny coverage due to the 'pre-existing condition' of surviving leukemia #the-healthcare-law

20110322email-hc-law 2.jpgWhen the Affordable Care Act was signed into law one year ago today, we said a hearty goodbye (and good riddance) to a healthcare system driven by skyrocketing healthcare premiums and insurance company profits.

For families like that of SEIU UHW member Denise Ybarra of San Jose, CA, the healthcare law is changing their lives for the better.

The Ybarra family now has the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their daughter Dezeray - who survived T-cell leukemia when she was just six years old - can be covered under her family's insurance until she's 26.

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can no longer discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions, institute lifetime caps, limit your choice of doctors, charge more for emergency services obtained out of network, or levy deductibles, co-payments or co-insurance for certain preventive benefits. By 2014, all Americans - regardless of their health status or any pre-existing condition -- will have access to affordable coverage.

So as Dezeray grows older, insurance companies won't be allowed to deny her coverage due to the 'pre-existing condition' of surviving leukemia. More than 129 million families like Denise's are counting on this law.

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