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The Affordable Care Act means not having to settle for insurance companies' old tricks #the-healthcare-law

20110322email-hc-law 2.jpgThe passage of the Affordable Care Act one year ago this week brought with it many benefits for college-age and young twenty-something adults. With an uninsured rate of roughly 30 percent, young adults represent more than one in five of the uninsured in the U.S.--which is the highest of any other age group.

Under the new law, young adults are no longer dropped off of their family's health insurance plan once they turned 18 or 21, or even when they graduate from college.

Former ER technician and Executive Vice President of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota Tee McClenty's 25 year-old son is one of more than 21 million young adults benefitting from the new law.

Tee's experience advocating for coverage on behalf of her 25 year-old son also reminds us that thanks to the new healthcare law, consumers don't have to settle for insurance companies' old tricks anymore.

The Healthcare Law: Expanding coverage and access to quality care to young adults


  • The Affordable Care Act allows young adults to stay on their parents' health care plan until age 26, providing more than 21 million young adults with greater access to affordable, quality healthcare.
  • Expands access to Medicaid for young adults who are unemployed or earning less than $15,000 per year. Almost 8 million uninsured young adults could benefit from this expansion of care.
  • Expands access to coverage through state health insurance exchanges, a new transparent and competitive insurance marketplace where individuals can buy affordable and qualified health benefit plans.
  • Provides tax credits to help pay for health insurance for young adults who make less than $43,000 a year, which encompasses roughly three-fourths of those ages 19-29. These benefits starts in 2014 and will assist even the currently insured by making coverage more affordable.

Check out our factsheet for more on how the law is helping young adults.

Find out how the healthcare law is helping you and your family at SEIU's online healthcare law hub: http://www.seiu.org/the-healthcare-law

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