2:00 PM Eastern - Friday, March 11, 2011

Oregon Governor Rallies With -- Not Against -- Working Families #default

"We're not going to go down the road that Wisconsin has taken."

    - Governor John Kitzhaber

Unions_WakeUpAmerica copy.jpgOn Tuesday in Oregon, newly-elected Governor John Kitzhaber pledged not to support efforts to attack collective-bargaining rights for public employees.

Instead of attacking workers' rights, he is sitting down and at the table and working with them and their unions to find ways to close Oregon's budget gap while minimizing the impact on services provided and those who provide them.

A novel idea, isn't it.

"You have a governor who believes in the right of working people to organize and form a union," said Governor Kitzhaber at a rally of more than 700 workers. "You have a governor who believes in the union movement and believes in collective bargaining."

(Learn more about why SEIU members endorsed Gov. Kitzhaber over his opponent Chris Dudley in last year's election).

It's certainly a welcome and refreshing change of pace from the plethora of Republican U.S. Governors (cough, Scott Walker) who've dominated the headlines recently with their anti-middle class, anti-worker legislative measures in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Idaho and Indiana to strip away the rights of teachers, nurses and other public employees.

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