11:31 AM Eastern - Friday, March 4, 2011

Recall Campaign For Wisconsin GOP State Senators #workers-rights

RecallWI8.jpgGovernor Walker and the Senate Republicans are not reflecting Wisconsin values. They are doing away with decades of bipartisan cooperation in our government. Walker claims he wants to give our children the "tools they need," but in reality, he has taken a baseball bat to their future. His budget is wrong for Wisconsin.

Republican State Senators have repeatedly refused to negotiate a compromise, so we have joined with a group of Wisconsin citizens, labor unions, community organizations and clergy to kick-off a campaign to recall them.

You can support the recall effort in Wisconsin by pledging to sign a recall petition today:


There are eight Republican State Senators eligible for a recall this year and we'll go after every one of them who stands with Scott Walker and corporate billionaires before working Wisconsin families. Each district requires at least 15,000 petition signatures to get a recall election.

Flipping three Republicans would mean the difference between losing our rights and killing the bill.

This is going to be a grassroots effort from beginning to end and we need your support if we're going to make it happen.

Sign up to support the recall effort today: http://www.seiu.me/WIrecall

A poll came out Monday that showed if Wisconsin voters had to do it again, Scott Walker would lose in an election between him and Democrat Tom Barrett.

They didn't poll the state senators, but the numbers give us hope, especially when you consider four of the eligible state senators' districts were won by the Republican by under 5% ... and they went for Barack Obama in 2008.

We can do this, but only if you get involved.

In solidarity,
Brandon Davis, SEIU Political Director

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