1:38 PM Eastern - Friday, March 25, 2011

Wisconsin-inspired attacks on workers + New Hampshire = Newconsin #workers-rights

Labor supporters protest HB2's attack on collective bargaining rights.

PHOTO: Labor supporters protest HB2's attack on workers' rights at the NH Legislative Office Building.
CREDIT: Zandra Rice Hawkins for NEA-NH on Flickr

Question: What happens when you mix Wisconsin-style attacks on middle class families with a state like New Hampshire, where anti-worker extremists control the state legislature but not the governor's house?

Answer: You get Newconsin, which is what is going down in the state of NH right now.

On Tuesday, the state moved to abolish collective bargaining in a budget bill that is actually WORSE than in Wisconsin because this stripping of workers' rights would apply to everything, including wages, and would be enforced with zero public hearings.

HB2 would also give public employers full authority to determine their employees' wages and benefits--AFTER a contract expires! Governor Lynch has signaled that he will veto these terrible bills but the fight will be to make sure his veto holds.

After the vote to repeal collective bargaining arrangements went down, the President of the State Employees Association (SEA/SEIU Local 1984) Diana Lacey said this:

"These legislators should be ashamed of themselves for treating working families this way, without even giving them a chance to defend themselves. This is politics at its worse, dirty and underhanded."

» Find out more about this union-busting bill from SEA/SEIU Local 1984.

» Read an op-ed from Reverend Gene Robinson about why the budget bill is "immoral."

» See photos from a hearing on March 24th where fire fighters, nurses and other workers jammed a legislative hearing room to make their voices heard.

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