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NLRB Proposed Rule Change: A Positive Step Forward #nlrb

NLRB-signpetition.jpgThis year, our country has seen unprecedented attacks on even the most basic worker rights. Now, the federal government is taking action to begin to restore workers' rights, specifically the right to vote in a union election.

Today the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a proposed rule that would restore a measure of fairness to the union election process. As it stands, most workers who want to form a union will never get the chance. The current rules allow employers to drag out the process for months - in some cases years - while they wage a campaign in the workplace to mislead and intimidate their employees.

For decades, the federal government has allowed big corporations to litigate workers' efforts to death when they are trying to form a union and get a leg up in supporting their families. Irresponsible companies typically delay the vote and often retaliate against employees who want to form union. During organizing campaigns, more than one-third of employers fire pro-union workers.

When average people in this country stand up and want to be heard--whether it's in state capitols or at work--they should be.

We shouldn't be surprised that the CEOs, corporations and shady interest groups that enriched and protected Wall Street and Big Business oppose this or any change that would provide workers more fairness when it comes to choosing to form a union. These are the same people who have awarded themselves huge bonuses while letting wages for the rest of us decline.

Why are anti-worker politicians and corporate interest groups so upset about removing barriers for workers who choose to form a union? Because America's economic and tax policies are making them rich and they want to keep it that way. The corporations that bought and paid for these politicians are calling the shots.

This proposed rule change announced today presents a level playing field. When working people choose to exercise their legal right to form a union, they should be able to do so without the fierce intimidation, bullying and threats from cash-cow-corporations.

What's next?

We need to stand behind the NLRB for taking this step toward restoring workers' fundamental rights. Sign this petition saying you are behind the Board 100%. We'll be delivering the signed "thank you" petitions to the NLRB next week.

Until then, consider taking additional action by clicking the button below to "like" the campaign on Facebook and share it with your friends.

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