9:31 AM Eastern - Friday, August 12, 2011

SEIU's New Ad Campaign Calls Republican Leaders to Focus on Jobs #default

Middle class families are struggling to find and keep good-paying jobs. But Republicans in Congress just don't seem to be getting the message.

In an effort to refocus GOP lawmakers on the need for job creation, SEIU unveiled a new ad campaign yesterday that includes broadcast and cable television, radio, direct mail and phones and online advertising. The ads will run in Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Nevada and Virginia, with a special emphasis on African American and Latino media outlets.

To build an economy with lasting strength for future generations, we need to bring jobs back to America. Join the drumbeat for jobs by sending a message to your Congressperson now. Then watch the advertisement running in six states below:

According to SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry, working families are expecting their leaders to take action.

"The American people have lost faith that elected leaders alone will make this happen. Working families in communities across the country are sending a clear message that it's time to focus on job creation."

More about SEIU's paid media campaign focusing on jobs from The Hill and Washington Post.

In Spanish: Envíe un mensaje al Congreso.

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