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Balancing the budget on the backs of seniors and people with disabilities? #the-healthcare-law


"My client would simply not make it in this world without homecare services through Medicaid. She would not make it."
- Lauralyn Clark, SEIU Local 5

Cuts to Medicaid being considered by the Congressional supercommittee could deny medical and in-home care to the most vulnerable among us - including many of the people SEIU members provide long term care for every day.

Lauralyn Clark, a homecare worker from Caroline, VA shares why Medicaid matters to her and the client she cares for every day:

"I decided to become a personal care attendant because I've been taking care of people since I was eight years old. It's what I do.

"The best part about my work is that I can sleep at night knowing I've done something good for someone, but the fact is that our state government doesn't appreciate us enough to pay us what we're worth. I earn $8.00 an hour. This year, the state cut one percent from our pay, so I now earn less.

"Medicaid pays for client services, but I have no healthcare through my job. I have to go to the emergency room if I get sick.

"I would invite members of Congress to spend a day with me and my client. See what I do and see if they can handle it and then they can explain how they are going to cut services for people like my client and how homecare workers like me should continue to work for low pay, no sick time, no healthcare, and no days off."

Find out 30 ways Medicaid makes a big difference in the lives of millions of Americans.

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