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Nearly 1,000 Arrested On Bridges Over Joblesness #default

As of 9:00 p.m. (EST) on November 17th, nearly 1,000 people were arrested as more than 50,000 protestors at three dozen bridges nationwide declared an "Economic Emergency for the 99%" because of the lack of jobs and an economy that only works for the 1% richest Americans.

Protestors included not only Occupy movement activists -- but also unemployed workers, union members, Moveon.org members and other local residents who are part of the American Dream Movement.

NEW YORK, NY -- 700 arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge, including SEIU President Mary Kay Henry. Estimates put the crowd at 35,000.


CHICAGO, IL -- 46 arrests made on LaSalle Street Bridge, as 1,500 protesters chanted "Jobs not cuts."

LOS ANGELES -- 26 arrests made near the 4th Street Bridge in the downtown Financial District at a protest attended by hundreds of unemployed workers, union members and Occupy protestors.

MILWAUKEE, WI -- Protesters shut down bridge over Interstate 43, declare "an economic emergency for the 99%"

ST. LOUIS, MO -- Over 1,000 protesters present, police arrest 50. "[E]veryone is here for the same purpose -- we need jobs."

DETROIT, MI -- Over 1000 protesters take over the 2nd Avenue Bridge and block traffic to "call attention to the need for good jobs in Detroit."

MIAMI, FL -- 2,000 protesters march downtown. "It's time government starts working for the people and creates jobs."

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- 24 arrests made on the Market Street bridge, more than 1,500 protesters present, many "holding signs saying "Willing to Work," and most were unemployed."

PITTSBURGH, PA -- Over 700 protesters have taken over the Greenfield Bridge, calling "for jobs and restoration of the American dream."

BALTIMORE, MD -- 200 protest for "Good Jobs" on Howard Street Bridge.

PORTLAND, OR -- 25 arrests have been reported on Portland's Steel Bridge as protesters demand action on jobs and an economy that works for the 99%.

HARTFORD, CT -- 200 protesters block an entrance ramp. "Infrastructure is crumbling; we need jobs," says one protester.

Other cities where bridge protests occurred as a part of the "Economic Emergency for the 99%" include Washington, DC (700 protestors), Houston, TX (350 protestors), Seattle, WA, Minneapolis, MN, Duluth, MN, Joliet, IL, Petersboro NH, Pueblo, CO, Richmond, VA, Pittston, PA, Augusta, ME, Phoenix, AZ, Columbus, OH, Dallas, TX, Kalamazoo, MI, Saginaw, MI, Iowa City, IA, Rochester NY, Syracuse, NY, Great Falls, MT and Missoula, MT.

View SEIU.org's live blog round-up of actions that took part on November 17th here.

Check out a great compilation of social media highlights from festivities around the country from RebuildTheDream.com here.

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