3:10 PM Eastern - Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"We Are The 99%!" March on K Street (Live Blog) #default


Day 3 of Take Back The Capitol kicked off with lots of rain....but nothing can put out this fire!

Remember--even if you can't be in DC with us this week, you can still make an impact.
Send Congress a message here and we'll deliver it for you.

LIVE UPDATES as the actions unfold below. You can also stay in the know via hashtag #99indc.

UPDATE, 3:00 PM: 99er's in DC have mostly headed back to the People's Camp near the National Mall.

During today's #99InDC action on K Street, 11 people were arrested; 8 men and 3 women. The group was primarily made of unemployed 99er's and clergy.


PHOTOS: Check out many more great action shots from today on Flickr here.

1:45 PM: Marching on New York Street now.


1:28 PM: Protesters now marching East on K Street.

1:20 PM: Arrests taking place. Exact number TBD. More details to come shortly.


Captured one clergy member being arrested below:


1:10 PM: BREAKING: DCPD warns 99er's to clear K Street.


12:49 PM: No amount of rain can faze those battered by the storm of economic injustice & corporate greed (h/t @IWJ)


A long view of K Street:


12:28 PM: Video of K Street scene.


12:27 PM: Actions at 15th & K Street.


12:18 PM: Breaking: Activists shut down 16th and K St.


From 2008 to 2010, 30 Fortune 500 companies spent more on lobbyists than they paid in taxes. Can you think of a better reason to shut down K Street than that?


12:13 PM: Letting K Street know we're here loud & clear.


12:05 PM: One of the last stops on the way to K Street: building w/ General Electric (GE) lobbyists.


12:00 PM: Crowd breaks into "The people, united, will never be defeated!"

11:57 AM: Outside Verizon offices protesting corporate greed on 13th and I Street, chanting "Shame on Verizon!"


11:47 AM: Swarming Wells Fargo on 13th Street.

Chanting "banks got bailed out, we got sold out!"


11:31 AM: Thousands surge down the street, chanting "We Are The 99%! We Are The 99%!)

Watch a live stream of the actions happening at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/iwilloccupy.

11:21 AM: Activists break off into 4 marching lines and begin to converge on K Street.


11:11 AM: Walking from natl mall to downtown


11:00 AM: Thousands of enthused 99er's gather on the People's Mall before marching to confront lobbyists on K Street.




10:00 AM: Bringing the People's Mic to K Street lobbyists:


Lobbyists, beware! The 99 percent is marching to K Street today with mud on our boots & democracy in our hearts.

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