7:11 PM Eastern - Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Downtown Miami workers march against income inequality #default


Hundreds of 1Miami members  marched in solidarity today with workers from Miami's financial district and underemployed workers demanding better pay and benefits. The groups rallied at the Southeast Financial Center near giant financial corporations like Wells Fargo and Chase Bank to highlight the inequality between those workers and those benefiting from their services.

The activists also sought to shine a light on the ever-growing gap in wealth in the United States. For example, office cleaners in Miami earn as much as $4-an-hour less than cleaners in other large metro areas similar to Miami--while the typical office clerk earns as much as $9,000 per year less than office clerks in similar metro areas.

"After my hours were cut," said former security guard Rosalba Campos, "I was spending more money to get to work than I was making at work! How's someone supposed to get by with jobs like these?"

Miami -- as well as the rest of the country -- should not allow and cannot afford to have workers whose jobs are pushing them towards poverty while corporations and banks like Wells Fargo are making billions without paying their fair share in taxes. Sign up here to become a part of the movement to reign in the 1%.

Coverage from the protest on Huffington Post here.

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