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One in five new jobs came from the healthcare sector in 2011 #the-healthcare-law

JOBS_greensign.jpgThe healthcare sector was one of the top job-creating industries in 2011, according to Friday's December jobs report. Continuing to buck the economic trend, the healthcare sector added 315,000 new jobs in 2011,

No other industry besides professional and business services added as many jobs to its ranks as healthcare over the course of the past year.

Will the healthcare industry continue to add jobs despite a still-struggling economy? It remains to be seen, but thing is clear: Congressional lawmakers will play a role in the outcome.

"When Congress returns, Republicans must get serious about job creation instead of proposing more cuts to unemployment insurance, Medicare or Medicaid," said Mary Kay Henry. "Cutting critical programs while delivering massive tax giveaways to corporations is not a viable, long-term solution to our national jobs emergency."

More on the top job-creating industries in 2011 from Huffington Post here. Check out our infographic to find out which states have the highest percentage of healthcare jobs.

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