5:44 PM Eastern - Monday, January 9, 2012

Republicans' Renewed Anti-Union Attacks #default

Iwantmiddleclass2.jpgAfter a year of unbridled assaults on working people by right-wing extreme Republicans in Maine, Ohio, Wisconsin and elsewhere, Republicans appear unwilling to stop their crusade to break the middle class.

And the New York Times has their number, penning a piece following the introduction of union-busting legislation in Indiana last week. From the editorial:

"There is little doubt that politics is also behind the Republicans' push for right-to-work laws. [Republicans] see an opportunity to further weaken unions, which are far more likely to support Democrats -- as well as health care reform and a higher minimum wage -- by slashing their funding and their donating power."

It's not just Republican governors and legislatures who are lit up with a fiery zeal to curb the collective bargaining rights of American workers.

Nowhere is the disdain for labor unions more evident than on the Republican presidential campaign trail. Case in point: the new anti-worker ad in South Carolina from frontrunner Mitt Romney.

It should be noted that union-busting initiatives being pushed by Republican legislatures across the country are not isolated occurrences. Rather, they're part of a coordinated campaign supported by corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the same organization behind efforts to pass voter suppression.

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