10:05 AM Eastern - Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SEIU Members Mobilize for Tax Day #default

On this Tax Day, thousands of SEIU members will join their neighbors at post offices, banks and federal buildings to demand that the economy work for all Americans, not the richest 1%. SEIU members from every corner of the country are joining the coalition of the 99% to challenge corporate power, tax giveaways to the 1% and the influence of money in politics.

From the Plains to the South, SEIU members will make their voices heard on Tax Day, and call on corporations, and the politicians who back them, to change their ways and pay their fair share.

Here are just a few member-driven actions:

  • In the Midwest, Local 199(Iowa) is training members on ways that they can effectively confront corporate power and stand up for the 99%. On Tax Day, members from all over the state will descend on post offices in Des Moines and demand that 1% pay their fair share, just like they have.
  • In the Plains, Colorado WINS members are planning an action against the unfair Ryan Budget in Pueblo. The Ryan Budget will provide more giveaways for the 1%, while dramatically ending Medicare and Social Security as we know it.
  • In the South, members of Workers United Southern Regional Joint Board will march in Greensboro and Memphis. Workers in Atlanta will march to the IRS building and demand that the tax-code work for all Americans.
  • In the East, members of Local 1989 (MSEA) in Maine, in a coalition with MoveOn, AFL-CIO, and Maine's People Alliance are planning a march on federal buildings in Augusta. In New York state, members of Local 200 United are playing tax dodgeball in front of a Bank of America.
  • In the Southwest, Local 48 in Arizona, in coalition with community allies, will play dodgeball at post offices in Phoenix. In Tucson, members will also participate in street theaters to demand that the 1% pay their fair share.

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