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Live Blog: #99TaxDay Protests Across The Country #default


Are you fed up with the giant corporations that pay little or no taxes, rich individuals who pay a lower tax rate than secretaries and teachers, and politicians who are letting them get away with it by catering to the interests of the top 1%? You're not alone.

This federal Tax Day, the 99% across the country united to demand the 1% pay their fair share so we can have an economy and a nation that works for everyone (not just the richest 1%).

Check out some of the many #99TaxDay demonstrations held by unions and progressive groups across the country.

#99TaxDay Actions


UPDATE, 5:52pm: As ordinary people across the nation rush to make sure their taxes are paid on time this federal Tax Day, protestors in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis make their voices heard.

UPDATE, 5:00pm: More actions, photos and video from #99TaxDay rallies in Washington, DC; Miami and Seattle.

UPDATE, 3:23pm: Banner drops across Los Angeles; Janitors Stand Up To The 1%.

UPDATE, 4:16pm: Tax Dodgers Come Out To "Play" in Syracuse, NY.

UPDATE, 4:14pm: Activists and union members take to the streets for tax day actions in Massachusetts, Florida, and Ohio.


UPDATE, 2:40pm: You've got to check out the 1% Tax Dodgers at Romney/Trump Event.

UPDATE, 2:11pm: At a news conference and day of protest, New Yorkers tell the 1% to pay their fair share.

UPDATE, 1:21pm: In Chicago, Citizen Tax Enforcers tell CME Group and GE to pay their fair share.

UPDATE, 10:36am: Find out more about the SEIU member-driven Tax Day actions.

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  → Check out the action on Twitter using hashtag #99TaxDay.

  → View the #99TaxDay Flickr feed with photos from dozens of cities here.

  → Read SEIU's Tax Day statement from Mary Kay Henry here.

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