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Tax Day 2012: Workers Rally to Call on Rich, Corporations to Pay Their Fair Share #default

Thousands of SEIU members and their allies rallied on Tax Day in cities across the country to raise awareness of the gross disparities in the nation's tax code and to demand that policymakers ensure the economy works for everyone, not just for corporations and the richest 1 percent.

"Our country's lopsided tax structure has fueled the most drastic income inequality in history,” said SEIU President Mary Kay Henry. “On this tax day, working people are rightly frustrated with a system that has failed to live up to our nation's ideals of widespread opportunity and instead rewards the rich and corporations with huge tax breaks and loopholes - sometimes even for sending jobs overseas.”

Nationwide, the 99% rallied, marched and protested all day to shine a light on the giant corporations that pay little or no taxes, the rich individuals who pay a lower tax rate than secretaries and teachers, and the politicians who are letting them get away with it by catering to the interests of the top 1%.

In Minneapolis, MN, hundreds gathered to send a strong message to U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo to demand they stop lobbying for the interests of the 1%.

tax day rally 2012

A "community shareholders meeting" was held outside of U.S. Bank's annual meeting at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The last stop of the day for Minnesota's 99% came in front of Wells Fargo Center, where activists presented a "Fair Tax Bill" to a puppet carrying the likeness of Wells Fargo Executive VP Jon Campbell.

In Pittsburgh, PA, the 99 percent are calling for billionaires to pay taxes like their employees do. SEIU members and community activists took part in a rousing game of Championship "Tax Dodger" Ball against well-known tax dodgers including Henry Kravis and Mitt Romney.

tax day action 2012

From the city's Market Square, they headed to Senator Pat Toomey's office to see which side he stood up for in the Senate's vote held last night on the Buffet Bill. However, the conversation was halted when the Senator declined to speak with them....and lockedthemout.

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