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"Changing the World, the Millennial Way" at the 2012 SEIU Convention #default

MillennialProgram-2012logo3.jpgWe are not only living in a time of change, but a significant change in the times. Everyday people are coming together, defying traditional lines of division and taking direct action for justice in numbers unseen in recent memory.

This week, SEIU is busy gearing up for a new youth event at the International Convention called "Changing the World: The Millennial Way." The event will unite hundreds of SEIU's young Member Leaders with grassroots organizers across the country to share experiences and dialogue about the most effective movement-building models, strategies and tactics to win change in our workplaces and communities.

If any collection of individuals can answer the timely call of the SEIU Convention to "Lead, Unite, Fight and Win," the young organizers attending this Millennial event can. Activists and organizers who are meeting together in Denver, Colorado represent movements which have been major catalysts in battles for racial and economic justice, immigrant rights and affordable education. (See: Meet the new generation of organizers building the 99% movement)

We're glad to welcome organizers from the recent allied movements the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and United We Dream, as well as innovators from Google and Change.org.

Online radio personality and progressive activist Elon James White will be on hand as emcee, in addition to cultural performances by SEIU leaders and hip-hop artist, emcee and community activist Jasiri X.

As a testiment to her unwaivering dedication to strengthen the voice and power of young workers both union and non-union, President Mary Kay Henry will be giving the official welcome for our event.

The Millennial organizing event is taking place at a moment when large majorities of young people are angry about the profound social and economic inequality present in our world and are hungry to change everything that should be changed. More than 70% of college-age Millennials agree that the current economic system unfairly favors the wealthy, and 61% of us believe in the basic tenets of the Dream Act for undocumented youth. A majority of Millennials also believe in marriage equality.

Young Worker Organization 1199SEIU Purple Gold will be featured at the Millennial event

Given the enormity of the injustices we face today, we cannot possibly fit all the work to be done into a single organizing event. SEIU is committed to continuing the work post-convention; supporting networks of the most innovative Millennial organizers in the country and linking organized labor and the broader movement for social justice into an unbreakable chain.

Organizers at the event will receive a toolkit to assist them in creating a committee of other Millennials at work and in their community. We will also be coming away with new relationships between participants to complement our grassroots organizing when we return home.

Myself and others will be tweeting (#SEIUMillennials) throughout the event and invite all of you to join the conversation about the Millennial generation and new organizing models for change for the 99%.

WHAT: "Changing the World, the Millennial Way"

WHERE: Colorado Convention Center - Denver, CO

WHEN: Monday, May 28th from 6 - 10 p.m. and Tuesday, May 29th from 7 - 10 p.m., followed by a 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. After Party with live performances and DJ you won't want to miss!)

FEATURING: United We Dream, Occupy Wall Street, Google, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, US Uncut, Change.org, Arab Spring, and many more!

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