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Constituents stand up to anti-worker politicians in FL, IA, MA, PA and WI #default

All across the country, workers are partnering with other Americans - the 99% - to hold anti-worker politicians accountable. Check out some of the recent May actions that have taken place in Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.



Last week, workers and other representatives of the 99% attended a fundraiser for Mitt Romney in St. Petersburg, FL. They invited Romney to walk across their red carpet with, "we are the 99 percent" painted the dripping soggy fabric, which was a sort of metaphor for the way Romney gained significant wealth--by stepping on the back of the working class. Video and photos from the Old Northeast-Downtown St. Pete news..


Romney-bad4economy.jpgDuring a press conference last Tuesday that coincided with the presumptive Republican presidential candidate's visit to the state for an appearance in Des Moines, a coalition of Iowa unions and progressive groups gathered to call attention to Mitt Romney's business record as head of Bain Capital and his support for policies that call for deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Visit RomneyEconomics.com to find out his record on jobs and a fair economy. Then ask yourself, where does Mitt Romney stand on the issues important to you?


Members of SEIU United Healthcare Workers East delivered thousands of postcards to Rep. Richard Neal's office in Springfield, Mass., asking that the congressman vote against a GOP budget proposal that would drastically cut Medicaid and other vital services and leave more than 12,000 area jobs hanging in the balance.


Workers went to Rep. Tim Murphy's Mount Lebanon, PA office to protest his support of the Paul Ryan budget this week. Three days before Mother's Day, the protestors say that the anti-worker politician wants to give American moms a Mother's Day gift of budget that includes huge tax giveaways to millionaires and large corporations.

On May 8, more than 100 SEIU Local 668 members marched to the Capitol and delivered letters to Gov. Tom Corbett protesting the proposed service and funding cuts in his budget.


PA front line workers - who provide public services varying from prison counseling, to 911 dispatching, to mental health support and social work - shared their personal stories firsthand of the devastating effects of the Governor's severe budget cuts.

Read more from SEIU Local 668.


A group of protestors gathered at Rep. Paul Ryan's town hall to protest his draconian budget. "Paul Ryan's budget is shameful," said one of his constituents, Kelly Gallaher. "[It is] really shameful that the budget only asks for sacrifices from the poor, not the rich."

Read how Catholic priests sent a letter to Paul Ryan calling his budget heartless and amoral.


Protesters gathered outside Rep. Reid Ribble's Appleton, Wis., office to speak out against his support of a budget that gives huge tax breaks to Wall Street CEOs and the richest 1% of Americans.

Watch the local news coverage here and read more at Wisconsin Jobs Now.

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