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Nurses Week 2012: Caring for America #the-healthcare-law

View imageCarlingForAmerica.jpgNational Nurses Week is a recognition and celebration of the impact that we, as nurses, have on our patients and our communities. We deliver high quality healthcare to our patients year-round--we are truly Caring for America.

Because we are on the front lines of care, we know how the system works and how it can be better. We know that the Affordable Care Act, just over two years old, is already improving care and improving our patients' lives.

Visit the Nurse Alliance's Nurses Week 2012 page for more information about how we are Caring for America.

While some would rather play politics with the health of working families, we know that if the healthcare law is weakened or overturned, our jobs become more difficult and our patients' health is jeopardized. Healthcare shouldn't be about politics, it should be about patients. As nurses, we want patients and their families to make the decisions about their care--not insurance companies.

This Nurses Week, we continue to work towards transforming our nation's healthcare system. May 6 - 12 provides us a timely chance to continue educating our fellow nurses and community members about the law's important benefits, including:

  • Requiring insurance companies to cover people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Ensuring young adults up to age 26 can gain coverage through their parent's plan.
  • Making preventive care free and eliminating co-pays for essential healthcare such as well-baby visits, cancer screenings and contraception.
  • Cracking down on waste, fraud and abuse in Medicare and delivering prescription drug savings to seniors.
  • Stopping unjustified premium hikes by insurance companies.
To get the facts about the law and to read about what your nurse sisters and brothers are doing to defend the law and protect quality patient care, visit our Nurses Week 2012 page and "like" it to share it with your Facebook friends.

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