2:49 PM Eastern - Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reigniting what May Day means to workers and immigrants #default

MayDayBoston.jpgActivists and union members are breathing new life into May Day, a day the U.S. doesn't celebrate as an "official" national holiday.

From Boston to New York, to Los Angeles and points in between, SEIU members are participating in marches and rallies today on International Worker's Day standing up for the rights of the 99% by calling for good jobs and justice for workers and immigrants.

"The 1% increases its wealth on the backs of the 99%, and the 1% profits from the politics of division. They blame the struggling economy on immigrant workers as a way to turn U.S. workers against immigrants. But don't forget: As long as the politics of fear and division goes unchecked, it is the 1% that profits while the rest of us -- the 99% -- get thrown under the bus," said Eliseo Medina, SEIU's International Secretary-Treasurer.

Live updates with tweets, photos, video and more from The Media Consortium on Storify after the break.

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