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Retire in Poverty or Work Until You Die? #retirement-security

This scenario has become a reality for millions of workers in California who don't have access to reliable retirement income beyond Social Security.

According to the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education, about 62 percent of working Californians - that's more than 7 million people - do not have access to an employer sponsored retirement plan. If the state's workers put just 3 percent of their wages into a retirement fund, they'd grow a pot of $6.6 billion in one year.


SB 1234 gives workers more choices by creating a voluntary, portable retirement plan with guaranteed benefits. It's also a great solution for small business owners and self-employed Californians. Workers can take personal responsibility for their own retirement without putting any burden on California taxpayers.

In an age of constant cuts to state programs and inadequate 401K's, SB 1234 would be a step in the right direction to improve the quality of life for millions of California workers and their families. Pledge your support for SB 1234 because everyone deserves access to a decent level of retirement security and the opportunity to retire with dignity.

The gap between the haves and have-nots is a pervasive part of our economic climate. This means that women, people of color and other middle class families can expect to face paramount financial hardship in retirement. Most people are simply not saving enough for retirement, and without additional retirement income, Social Security alone will do little to prevent seniors from living in poverty when they can no longer work.

SB 1234 allows California workers to play an active role in achieving their goal of retirement security for themselves. California's workers deserve to achieve the American Dream of retiring with dignity after years of working hard, providing for their families and playing by the rules. Stand with California workers by signing the pledge in support of SB 1234.

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