SEIU Members Endorse Candidates Who Support the 99% Agenda for Texas Working Families

SEIU Members Endorse Candidates Who Support the 99% Agenda for Texas Working Families

Published 10:06 AM Eastern - Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shannon Perez, SEIU Texas State Council, Mark McCullough, SEIU,

Endorsements announced in federal, state and local races across the state

Houston - Citing the need to elect leaders who will pursue an agenda of fair taxes, defending vital services and creating good jobs, the working men of women of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) endorsed candidates for Congress and state/local races across Texas.

The SEIU's 10,000 janitors, healthcare workers, public employees and service workers endorsed candidates from El Paso to Houston to Dallas to the Rio Grande Valley. "Texas is our home. We are healthcare professionals and we take care of the community when they're sick and that's why we are endorsing candidates that are focused on one thing: fighting for the 99%," said Peter Dieguez, OB Tech at Las Palmas Hospital in El Paso.

Marisol Quintana, a janitor in Houston said, "We work hard and struggle to get ahead because politicians are making decisions that only benefit a few at the top. We endorsed candidates for the Texas House and Senate who will go to Austin and undo some of the damage to our communities - no more budget cuts to our schools and our neighborhoods so the 1% don't have to pay their fair share. I'm excited about what we will accomplish in 2012 by working together."

Texas population growth led the nation giving the state 4 new seats in Congress. SEIU members endorsed 6 candidates for the US House: Councilmember Brianna Hinojosa-Flores in District 6, Nick Lampson in District 14, State Representative Joaquin Castro in District 20, State Representative Pete Gallego in District 23, Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson for reelection in District 30 and Congressman Lloyd Doggett for reelection in District 35.

The candidates who received SEIU support went through the union's member-led endorsement process in six major metro areas. "I am ready to get to work and start knocking doors and making phone calls to let my friends and neighbors know who will improve the lives of working people, so they can support their families, retire with dignity, and give their children a better future," said Rose Araujo Iracheta, 911 operator City of San Antonio who lives in Congressional District 35. "

Local unions in the SEIU Texas State Council include SEIU Local 1, the Houston Organization for Public Employees, SEIU Local 5, SEIU Healthcare Texas and Workers United. SEIU Texas State Council Executive Director Jean Hervey said, "Working with our allies in the 99% movement, we will replace a Congress that would vote TWICE for Rep. Ryan's extremist Tea Party budget. It's time to put Americans to work, fix our schools and repair our bridges and put an end to trickle-down policies that only benefit the richest Americans."

"As a State Representative, my primary focus has been to create quality jobs and helping to ensure that Texans working families have quality healthcare," said State Representative Garnet Coleman. "It's time we find common-sense solutions that will help our local economies, put people back to work, and rebuild the middle class in our communities."

Full Endorsement List for SEIU Texas State Council

Congressional District 6 - Brianna Hinojosa-Flores
Congressional District 14 - Nick Lampson
Congressional District 20 - Joaquin Castro
Congressional District 23 - Pete Gallego
Congressional District 30 - Eddie Bernice Johnson
Congressional District 35 - Lloyd Doggett

San Antonio area:

State House District 117 - Phil Cortez
State House District 125 - Justin Rodriguez
Bexar County Commissioner - Jennifer Ramos
Bexar County Tax Assessor Collector - Albert Uresti

Dallas/Dallas and Tarrant Counties area:

State Senate District 10 - Wendy Davis
State House District 90 - Lon Burnam
State House District 95 - Nicole Collier
State House District 101 - Paula Pierson
State House District 103 - Rafael Anchia
State House District 104 - Roberto Alonzo
State House District 105 - Rosemary Robbins
State House District 107 - Robert Miklos
State House District 109 - Helen Giddings
State House District 110 - Toni Rose
State House District 111 - Yvonne Davis
State House District 114 - Carol Kent

Houston/Harris County area:

State Senate District 13 - Rodney Ellis
State House District 131 - Alma Allen
State House District 134 - Ann Johnson
State House District 137 - Joseph Carlos Madden
State House District 139 - Sylvester Turner
State House District 143 - Ana Hernandez Luna
State House District 144 - Mary Ann Perez
State House District 145 - Carol Alvarado
State House District 147 - Garnet Coleman
Harris County Sheriff - Adrian Garcia

McAllen/Hidalgo County area:

State House District 39 - Armando Martinez
State House District 40 - Robert Peña
State House District 41 - Bobby Guerra
State Senate District 20 - Chuy Hinojosa
State Board of Education District 2 - Ruben Cortez
Hidalgo County Commissioner Precinct 1 - AC Cuellar
Hidalgo County Judge - Ramon Garcia

Cameron County
State House District 37 - Rene Oliveira

El Paso/West Texas area:

State Senate District 29 - José Rodriguez
State House District 74 - Poncho Nevarez
State House District 75 - Mary Gonzalez
State House District 77 - Marisa Marquez
State House District 78 - Joe Moody

Corpus Christi/Nueces County area:

State House District 34 - Abel Herrero
State House District 43 -Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles
State Board of Education - Ruben Cortez

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