Josh Mandel is Wrong for Ohio's Working Families

Josh Mandel is Wrong for Ohio's Working Families

Published 12:09 PM Eastern - Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anthony A. Caldwell, (330)651-2042 |

Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Tax Breaks for Millionaires could harm America's middle-class.

COLUMBUS, OH - Josh Mandel's unsatisfactory record when it comes to representing working people and their families has motivated members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Committee on Political Education (COPE) to take their disapproval to the airwaves.

"As a healthcare worker, I am very concerned about the effect Josh Mandel's policies will have on my patients," said Josi Coleman, a Dayton-area nursing home worker and member of SEIU District 1199. "If Josh Mandel is successful in cutting Social Security and Medicare, seniors and people with disabilities won't be able to live with dignity."

"Working people in our community are struggling every day to make ends meet and instead of focusing on creating family-sustaining jobs here in Toledo, Josh Mandel is advocating for the very rich," said Michelle Webb, a member of SEIU District 1199 who works at a Toledo-area nursing home. "We don't need another politician who stands with the wealthiest 1%, not the 99% of the rest of us who live right here in northwest Ohio."

"We've had enough of tax cuts for the rich and service cuts to our neighbors," said Samara Knight, a member Vice President of SEIU District 1199 and nursing home worker from Cleveland. "Only a politician like Josh Mandel would turn his back on our community and still expect our votes."

The six-figure television ad buy paid for by SEIU COPE begins to air on Thursday, June 7th in markets across Ohio. The ad can be viewed at:

The transcript follows:

Susan: We're careful with the money we earn.
Pat: So when we heart that Josh Mandel missed 14 meetings of the board that invests our tax dollars - we got worried.
Susan: Now Josh Mandel is running for Senate - with plans to make deep cuts in Social Security and Medicare.
Pat: That will hurt families like ours.
Susan: But Mandel would protect tax breaks for millionaires.
Pat: We need a Senator who will fight for the middle class - and that's not Josh Mandel.
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