LAX Workers, Community Members and Elected Officials Protest in Front of the Los Angeles World Airport Office and at Aviation Safeguards Terminals

Published 10:42 AM Eastern - Friday, July 27, 2012

Martín Terrones, SEIU-UHWW (310) 597-1011

Los Angeles, CA | Today, hundreds of LAX workers, community members, religious and elected officials marched and rallied against LAX's CEO Gina Marie Lindsey for failing to protect workers against companies like Aviation Safeguards who refuses to pay money owed to the Trust Fund.

Aviation Safeguards is a passenger service sub-contractor for United, Alaska, Virgin Atlantic, Aeromexico, British Airways, Air France and Qantas Airlines. Six months ago Aviation Safeguards, whose parent company is Command Security Corporation (AMEX: MOC), launched an attack on its workers and has since refused to pay $2.5 million in trust fund contributions.

"For months, workers have marched and rallied against companies for failing to provide
workers with better working conditions," said Alejandro Barbosa, an AVSG porter for 4 years. "That they have been cheating us of our health care and that a judge is finally looking into this goes to show how little the City and airport officials care for workers."

Aviation Safeguards is just one of many shady and renegade sub-contractors at LAX that
openly defy federal and municipal regulatory agencies, skirt labor and other laws, and look for any opportunity to undermine their own workers in their quest for big profits.

"I am here today because neither AVSG, nor airport authorities, nor the City cares for us, our communities or our families," said Marlene Herrera, an employee at AVSG for 6 years before going on disability when the company refused to honor the agreement she made with them to work with certain restrictions days after participating in the May 1 strike. "We are hard working mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, fighting for our families. If LAWA, Gina Marie Lindsey, and Aviation Safeguards want a fight - I am prepared to do just that. Maybe then the City will stop and pay attention."

It is the duty of the City of Los Angeles, through its agency, the Los Angeles World Airport to make sure that our Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a proper place of business where passengers, airlines, commercial transporters, sub-contractors, and workers are all respected. LAWA is a City agency that is suppose to be accountable to the people. It is our tax dollars that built and supports this airport. But it seems that LAWA only fights for the Airlines rights.

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