New SEIU and Priorities USA Action Ads Focus on Medicare and Home Foreclosures

New SEIU and Priorities USA Action Ads Focus on Medicare and Home Foreclosures

Published 4:06 PM Eastern - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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WASHINGTON, DC -- The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Priorities Action USA tomorrow will release the third round of television and radio ads in their groundbreaking, joint $4 million Hispanic media ad campaign (Mitt Romney: In His Own Words). The ads are running in the key battleground states of Colorado, Nevada and Florida.

The third-round of Spanish-language ads continue the groups' aggressive campaign to use Mitt Romney's own words to convey his stated positions on issues important to Hispanic families. The new ads focus on Mitt Romney's comments about the poor, Medicare and housing foreclosures.

"I'm not concerned about the very poor," Romney says in one ad. In another he shows indifference toward families facing housing foreclosures. "Don't try to stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom."

Also highlighted is the GOP candidate's support for a plan that would cut funds to the Medicare program.

"Romney's dismissive rhetoric regarding the concerns of middle-class and the Latino community clearly indicate how out of touch he is with real people, and the kinds of policies he would champion" said Eliseo Medina, SEIU's International Secretary-Treasurer. "He comes from a world that broke the economy and made him a millionaire, and he has no interest in helping us repair and regain the American Dream."

The new ads focusing on Medicare come as the U.S. House is scheduled to vote to repeal the health care law--which protects and expands Medicare benefits--that U.S. Supreme Court affirmed as constitutional just two weeks ago. This third round of television and radio ads follow previous spots around the themes of jobs and the economy, as well as immigration.

"Romney's support for cutting funds to Medicare, a program that provides critical help to our nation's elderly is a primary example of why working families and Hispanic families are rejecting Romney," said SEIU National Political Director Brandon Davis. "Whether it's Medicare, foreclosures or the DREAM Act, his own words tell where he stands, and it is not on the side of the Hispanic community."

"Mitt Romney has shown unwavering commitment to cutting promised Medicare benefits while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans," said Paul Begala, senior advisor for Priorities USA Action. "Romney's plan to gut Medicare while slashing educational and job opportunities would block Latino families from the chance to achieve the American Dream."

The new ads will begin running tomorrow. To view the ads, go to:

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