Obstructionist Senators Defeat "Bring Jobs Home Act" Preserve Tax Giveaways for Outsourcers

Published 3:47 PM Eastern - Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tyler Prell, 202-730-7278

WASHINGTON, DC - Service Employees International Union (SEIU) International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement after Senators blocked S. 2884, the "Bring Jobs Home Act:"

"Senators who blocked the "Bring Home Jobs Act" sent a message to the millions of Americans looking for work - it's okay to give tax breaks to companies that outsource American jobs. These Senators refuse to accept that our focus should be on eliminating tax giveaways for shipping jobs overseas, ending tax breaks that are used by executives to pad their own excessive compensation and closing loopholes that allow multinationals to move money overseas to avoid investing in America. The "Bring Jobs Home Act" does just that.

"For the American economy to get back on track and for the middle-class to thrive, our tax policies must reflect our priorities. Ensuring that our country exports American-made products, not American jobs, is part of the recipe for a broadly shared economic recovery. Unfortunately, some Senators would rather continue rewarding large corporations than put Americans back to work. Senators Reid and Stabenow deserve great credit for bringing this bill to the floor, but it is disappointing that obstructionist Senators blocked this important piece of legislation from having an up or down vote."

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