SEIU's Henry: President Obama Continues to Fight for the American Auto Industry that Mitt Romney Wanted to "Go Bankrupt"

Published 11:36 AM Eastern - Monday, July 9, 2012

Christopher Nulty, 202.538.1059,

Washington, DC - Mary Kay Henry, President of the 2.1 million member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), issued this statement in response to the Obama administration's filing of a trade case with the World Trade Organization today challenging China's unfair trade practices against American cars and trucks:

"Today's challenge of China's unfair trade practices against American automobiles is the latest action by Pres. Barack Obama's administration to support a level playing field for hardworking Americans in cities like Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, Mich., whose contribution to our economy cannot be overstated.

"Pres. Obama showed true leadership by fighting to save the American automobile industry, a cornerstone of the our nation's economy and prosperity. With today's WTO trade case, Pres. Obama is continuing to fight for the men and women who proudly build American-made cars and trucks.

"While Pres. Obama has made it clear that we must invest in good American jobs, Mitt Romney has failed to stand up for a fair playing field for American workers against devastating trade policies. Let's not forget: this is the same Mitt Romney who would have "let Detroit go bankrupt," destroying the auto industry and the millions of good, American jobs it creates.

"Working people need to know that their president is fighting for good jobs in their communities. Pres. Obama has a proven record of fighting to keep good jobs here at home and to ensure the deck isn't stacked against American workers and businesses - unlike Mitt Romney who continues to vacillate on China trade enforcement and who would have turned his back on the American auto industry and its workers."

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