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Countdown to Charlotte: SEIU Member Delegate Robert Ken Ming Chu #default

Next week, thousands of people Democratic Party activists, community leaders and leading reporters will descend on Charlotte, NC for the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNCC). Joining them will be almost 100 SEIU members and leaders.

The DNCC presents SEIU with an opportunity to engage national political leaders and activists around our 99% agenda and ignite continued enthusiasm to re-elect President Obama. SEIU has an aggressive member-driven plan to impact the party platform by injecting our 99% agenda issues and to strengthen existing political partnerships and new relationships among labor and progressive allies in post-election accountability to enacting 99% policies.

One of the SEIU members who will be helping SEIU in Charlotte will be Robert Ken Ming Chu, a SEIU Healthcare 775NW member from Vancouver, Washington.

Robert wears multiple hats for his family and his community. He is an in-home care provider for his mother, father of a four-year-old daughter and an extremely active member at the grassroots level in Washington State. He is currently helping to train fellow members for civic engagement activities.

"I really believe in grassroots participation," said Robert. "You can't complain about the system unless you are a part of changing the system. And, you can't change the system unless you get involved."

In addition to being active within his union, Robert is active in the Washington State Democratic Party as committee Chair for Clark County and Vice Chair of the 17th Legislative District. Through these positions, he believes he can move people to 100% involvement.

Legally blind, Robert believes that the Affordable Care Act is a key success of President Obama's first term and an important building block to a stronger American economy.

"President Obama's policies help people. The Affordable Care Act will help people. Families won't have to mortgage their lives. The truth is that nobody wants handouts, but good policies are just the right thing to do. When you're dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, you can't buy a home, you can't contribute to your local economy, then you communities and the nation suffers," said Robert.

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