Romney's Plan: Tax Hikes for the Middle Class Families, Cuts for Millionaires

Romney's Plan: Tax Hikes for the Middle Class Families, Cuts for Millionaires

Published 4:36 PM Eastern - Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tyler Prell, 202-730-7278

WASHINGTON, DC - Service Employees International Union (SEIU) International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement after the release of a study by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center showing that Mitt Romney's tax plan would cut taxes for the wealthy and stick middle class families with a higher tax bill:

"Mitt Romney's tax plan is a slap in the face to working families. At a time when millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet, he is proposing a tax hike for them while giving the top 5 percent of earners a tax cut? This approach defies commonsense and ignores the fact that we have tried the trickle down approach and it does not work. Tax cuts for the wealthy only contribute to income inequality and explode our budget deficit.

"We look forward to hearing Mitt Romney defend his tax plan when he talks to everyday Americans on the campaign trail."

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