SEIU Members Launch TV Ad Highlighting Joe Garcia's Work to Protect and Strengthen Medicare

SEIU Members Launch TV Ad Highlighting Joe Garcia's Work to Protect and Strengthen Medicare

Published 2:55 PM Eastern - Monday, August 6, 2012

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Miami, FL - Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members, across Florida's new 26th Congressional District, this weekend launched a television advertising campaign highlighting Joe Garcia's platform of putting the state's hardworking middle class first.

The ad, which will run across the district through the August 14th primary election, highlights the stark differences between Garcia and his general election opponent, Representative David Rivera (FL-R), on Medicare. Garcia supports strengthening Medicare, while lowering costs for senior citizens.

"Rivera's track record and scandals clearly show that he's out of touch with the majority of South Floridians," said Monica Russo, president of SEIU Florida State Council. "Joe Garcia is committed to fight for the immediate creation of good jobs and ending devastating cuts to programs that many depend on now more than ever, such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Rivera, on the other hand, wants to provide more tax breaks to billionaires and wealthy corporations funded, in part by forcing seniors to pay thousands more for their Medicare coverage. That's not a sustainable solution."

SEIU members are strongly supporting Joe Garcia as the candidate with a solid record of standing on the side of working families and retirees across the district, and the best candidate to win for the 99 percent this November.

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The transcript follows:

David Rivera's budget plan --

"Essentially end Medicare."

"Seniors would have to pay sixty-four hundred dollars more."

At the same time, "Lower tax rates for the wealthy."

Joe Garcia will work to "protect and strengthen Medicare" and safeguard benefits for seniors.

President Obama appointed Joe Garcia to serve in his Administration. So did Governor Lawton Chiles.

Joe Garcia will stand with us.

Joe Garcia. Democratic Primary. August fourteenth.

Early voting has started.

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