12:29 PM Eastern - Thursday, September 13, 2012

This video is short, but its impression is lasting #the-healthcare-law

What would it mean for everyday people if Mitt Romney were elected president and went on to repeal the Affordable Care Act?

The Turner family of Ohio would lose.

The Turners were just an average Ohio family--until their world was turned upside down by a doctor's diagnosis that their 9-month old son Travis was suffering from a rare form of cancer.

Travis' parents were grateful their baby had insurance under his father's good, union-negotiated health plan. But just three months into his treatment, the cost of Travis' lifesaving care hit the $1 million lifetime cap . . . and he was kicked off of his father's health insurance.

The Turners refused to give up on Travis and kept fighting to keep his care coming. Thankfully, Travis is now a healthy 7 year-old first grader. A healthy first grader that would never again be able to secure health insurance were it not for the Affordable Care Act's provisions that requires insurers to cover children with pre-existing conditions.

No more lifetime caps. No more pre-existing conditions.

Romney and Ryan would take away all of these existing benefits and much more.

Forward your friends and family members a link to this video to help them understand the benefits of the healthcare law: http://youtu.be/_8WGmLrJ1Js.

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