11:05 AM Eastern - Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Live from Charlotte: SEIU Member Delegate Nikki Linneman #default

We are representing working people at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Joining party activists from across the nation are almost 100 SEIU members and leaders, including Nikki Linneman, a disability insurance examiner, from Stockton, Calif.

Ms. Linneman says this election is about the right to have a good life as a middle class working person. A member of SEIU Local 1000, Ms. Linneman is involved in local and national politics because she says that all elections matter and have an impact on the lives of working people, but there's more at stake this election for working people than any other election in recent memory.

"The middle class is all but eliminated," she said. "We need President Obama to keep doing what he's doing. We need to rebuild the middle class."

Ms. Linneman has a 21-year-old son who, thanks to Obamacare, is now receiving healthcare under her insurance. She said that she wants to make sure her son and others continue to have opportunity to access good jobs and build a better life. 

This year is Ms. Linneman's first time attending a Democratic National Convention. She said she's looking forward to Obama formally accepting the Democratic party nomination as well as returning to California to help get out the vote.

"We need President Obama to be re-elected, but he can't do everything," she said. "We have to get out and vote. We have to work together. We not only need President Obama to win re-election, we need a working Congress that represents the people of America, not just the rich few."

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