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Member Leaders Challenge Elected Officials to Win for the 99% During August Recess #default

In Washington, D.C., lots of members of Congress talk about "tough" budget decisions. But for too many, their focus is on dollar figures instead of what's at stake in our communities. What's really tough is losing access to quality early education or special education for your kids and going without support services you rely on as a senior or a person with a disability.


PHOTO: Florida Public Services Union members meet with Rep. Corinne Brown

When members of Congress were back in their home states for August recess, SEIU public division members went out to meet with their representatives to share their stories about how proposed federal budget cuts would hurt their communities.

Florida Public Services Union members met with Rep. Corinne Brown and Rep. Ted Deutch and Colorado WINS members met with Senators Udall and Bennett. SEIU leaders also met with Senator Pryor in Arkansas. SEIU members and leaders helped their Representatives and Senators understand the real life impact of these proposed cuts on the working parents, children, seniors and people with disabilities they serve each and every day.

SEIU members challenged their elected officials to lift up their personal stories as the budget debate unfolds in Washington, D.C. and Congress considers whether to give away tax breaks for the richest Americans while cutting vital services for the rest of us.


PHOTO: Sen. Franken walked a day in the shoes of health care assistant, Richard Agyei.

Sen. Al Franken (MN) walked a day in the shoes of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota members and he experienced firsthand how hard our members work to deliver quality services in their communities. Sen. Franken committed to stopping cuts to these critical services and making the rich pay their fair share in taxes.

Many other member leaders will be engaging Senators and House members in this fight in the coming weeks and months so they can bring our stories back to Capitol Hill and win for the 99%.

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