George Allen's Radical Health Care Agenda Showcased in New TV Ad

George Allen's Radical Health Care Agenda Showcased in New TV Ad

Published 10:27 AM Eastern - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chris Fleming, AFSCME, (202) 327-8420; Mark McCullough, SEIU, (202) 730-7283

AFSCME, NEA and SEIU Partner to Detail Sen. Allen's Abysmal Record

Washington, DC - Members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the National Education Association and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) today launched a new television ad in the Washington, D.C. media market that spells out what George Allen's radical cuts to Medicare and women's health means for seniors and women.

Allen supports a budget that will end guaranteed benefits for seniors, cut billions from Medicare, take away access to mammograms, cancer screening and birth control for women and put insurance companies in charge of health care.

"George Allen's radical agenda would help insurance companies pad their profits by delaying and denying health care services. His Medicare and women's health proposals would gut Medicare and eliminate access to vital preventive health care for millions of women. George Allen is simply out-of-touch with Virginia families." said Seth Johnson, AFSCME Assistant Political Director.

"As a home care provider it is clear that when it comes to healthcare, George Allen and Mitt Romney are two peas in the same extremist Tea Party pod," said Julia Newton, Executive Vice-President SEIU Virginia 512 and a home care provider from Norfolk. "From gutting the Medicare and Medicaid that so many seniors depend on to putting insurance companies back in charge of deciding who gets what care, the two are making calls from the same bad playbook. Virginia's middle and working class families need leaders who will invest in vital services like healthcare and Tim Kaine is that leader."

"The Allen agenda is a giant step backward for Virginia," said Karen White, NEA National Political Director. "On issues critical to Virginia women, George Allen has questionable priorities and unquestionably bad votes. Virginia families need courage and common sense from their leaders, not ideological devotion to insurance companies."

AFSCME's "Better-People," SEIU's "Better-Worker" and NEA's "Better" is the first spot in a $2.25 million ad campaign that will run through Election Day. Copies of the ad can be viewed at:

· SEIU -

· NEA -

Script -

Female Announcer: Important facts about George Allen and health care:

Male Announcer: Allen supports a budget plan that cuts billions from Medicare -- ending guaranteed benefits families count on.

Female Announcer: Allen would take away women's access to mammograms, cancer-
screening, and birth control...

...letting insurance companies decide on coverage for your family.

Male Announcer: That's George Allen:

Female Announcer: Cuts Medicare.

Male Announcer: Reduces care for women.

Female Announcer: More power for insurance companies.

Male Announcer: Virginia families can do better.

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Female Announcer: AFSCME is responsible for the content of this ad.

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