New TV Ad: Allen West Just Like the Rest of Them

New TV Ad: Allen West Just Like the Rest of Them

Published 10:36 AM Eastern - Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mark McCullough, SEIU, (202) 730-7283

SEIU Launches New TV in Key Florida 18th Congressional District Campaign

Miami, FL - The 55,000 Florida members and retirees this week launched a new television ad in Florida's competitive 18th congressional district. The ad highlights how extremist Tea Party Republican Congressman Allen West has made a name for himself with his words but his record shows he is just another rubber stamp for the special interest of the richest 1% of Americans, voting to pay for millionaire tax giveaways by cutting investments in student loans and privatizing Medicare, raising out-of-pocket costs $6,400 a year.

"Members and voters alike are sick and tired of politicians who spend their time grand standing versus solving the issues facing most facing the average citizen," said Monica Russo, president of SEIU Florida State Council. "Patrick Murphy has bold ideas for creating good jobs, a strong economy anchored by the middle class as well as preserving Medicare and the benefits our seniors have worked so hard to earn."

"Fits In" is airing in the West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce market for two weeks. A copy of the $160,000 ad can be seen here:

Announcer: Allen West sure stands out on TV

Allen West: "To me is a form of modern 21st century slavery."

Announcer: And in Washington, he's just like the other Republican politicians in Congress.

West voted to protect tax cuts for millionaires...

While cutting college aid for 1 million students...

And privatizing Medicare, raising out-of-pocket costs $6,400 a year.

Allen West sounds different, but in Washington he fits right in.

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