New TV Ad: Chip Cravaack Has Brought Home Some Strange Ideas from Washington

New TV Ad: Chip Cravaack Has Brought Home Some Strange Ideas from Washington

Published 10:14 AM Eastern - Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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SEIU Partners with House Majority PAC in New Ad Detailing Chip Cravaack's Misguided Priorities

Saint Paul, MN - Today the 30,000 Minnesota members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced they will begin airing a new television ad in Minnesota's 8th Congressional District. SEIU will partner with House Majority PAC to air the spots, as the two groups have done in races throughout the election cycle.

"Minnesota needs real leaders who will stand up for middle-class families," said SEIU Healthcare Minnesota President Jamie Gulley. "Unfortunately, Chip Cravaack has chosen to stand with his wealthy friends and corporations, voting to end Medicare as we know it, forcing seniors to pay $6,400 more for the same health coverage, while millionaires would get over $260,000 a year in tax cuts. And that's just one of the many strange ideas Chip Cravaack picked up in Washington."

The ad takes Tea Party Republican Chip Cravaack to task for his misguided priorities, including the taxpayer-financed $1,000 a month SUV he drives and his vote to force seniors to pay more for their healthcare all while he supported taxpayer-subsidized healthcare for members of Congress for life.

"Postcards" will air in the Twin Cities for a week. A copy can be viewed at


ANNCR: Chip Cravaack brought back some strange ideas from Washington.

Even though Chip Cravaack's a millionaire ...

He drives a thousand dollar a month SUV, paid for by the taxpayers.

Chip Cravaack voted to give Members of Congress taxpayer subsidized healthcare ... for life!

But to make seniors pay sixty-four hundred dollars a year more for their healthcare.

Chip Cravaack. Strange ideas.

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