New TV Ad: Dean Heller Has Blocked Nevada from Moving Forward

New TV Ad: Dean Heller Has Blocked Nevada from Moving Forward

Published 11:00 AM Eastern - Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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SEIU Launches First Independent Expenditure Spanish Language Ad In Support of Shelley Berkley's Campaign for U.S. Senate

Las Vegas, NV - Today the 18,000 Nevada healthcare and public service members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced they will begin airing a new Spanish language television ad in the state's hotly contested U.S. Senate race.

The statewide ad is the first independent expenditure Spanish language advertising in support of Representative Shelley Berkley's Senate campaign. The ad is the start of a five week ad campaign leading up to Election Day.

"Time and again Dean Heller has voted against us here in Nevada with his votes against Pell Grants, against the DREAM Act and even against help for us facing foreclosures," said Amelia Gayton, Executive Board Member of SEIU 1107 in Nevada. "Working people need someone in the Senate who will fight for us and that's why I'm voting for Shelley Berkley for Senate."

"It's clear that Dean Heller and Mitt Romney think alike when it comes to investing in our future and looking out for our community but two wrongs don't make a right and that is why this November 6th Latino voters are going to vote to keep the state and country moving forward," said SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina. "This election has enormous consequences for Nevada and the country because we cannot afford Dean Heller's extreme Tea Party right-wing agenda anymore."

"Heller Blocks Nevada" will air statewide. A copy of the 30-second ad can be viewed at
Spanish and English Script -

¿Por qué Dean Heller sigue bloqueando oportunidades para Nevada?

Bloqueó la reparación de nuestras escuelas públicas y bloquearia las becas Pell.

Bloqueó el Dream Act en el Congreso.

Votó en contra nevadenses con ejecuciones hipotecarias.

Y quiere seguir dando incentivos fiscales a los millonarios y que la clase media pague más.

Heller vota en contra de nosotros en Nevada,

Ya es hora de votar en contra de Dean Heller.

Vote contra el republicano Dean Heller.

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Why does Dean Heller keep blocking opportunities for Nevada?

He blocked the repair of our public schools and would block Pell grants.

He blocked the Dream Act in Congress.

He voted against helping Nevadans facing foreclosures.

And he wants to continue rewarding millionaires by giving them tax breaks and make the middle class pay more.

Heller votes against us in Nevada,

Now it's our turn to vote against Dean Heller.

Vote against Republican Dean Heller

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