New TV Ad: Jim Renacci Should Focus on Jobs, Not Special Interest Getaways

Published 10:48 AM Eastern - Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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SEIU Releases New Ad in Competitive Ohio 16 Congressional Race

Cleveland, OH - Today the 25,000 Ohio members and retirees of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced new TV ad in the close race in Ohio's 16th Congressional District.

"Jim Renacci has built an impressive record in Washington for taking money from special interests and voting to protect tax breaks that have helped to offshore Ohio jobs to places like China," said Becky Williams, President of SEIU District 1199. "Ohio wants to keep moving forward which is why Betty Sutton's record of focusing on creating good jobs here at home, taking on Wall Street and cracking down on deceptive insurance practices has earned her the support of working and middle class families."

The ad hits Tea Party Republican Jim Renacci for his out of touch priorities that have found him getting caught on camera taking special interest donations from lobbyists at secretive getaways. Instead of focusing on creating good jobs here in Ohio, Renacci has instead focused on taking in $1.2 million from special interests and voting to protect special interest tax giveaways, like those that help companies outsource jobs.

"Offshore" will air in the Cleveland-Akron television market for a week. A copy of the $436,000 ad can be viewed at

Script -

ANNCR: One point two million dollars.

Nope, it's not the tab to get in.

It's how much our congressman, Jim Renacci, took from lobbyists.

Secretive getaways with special interests...

Congressman Jim Renacci takes their money...

And votes to protect tax breaks that would help companies outsource American jobs...

Instead of creating good jobs here in Ohio.

Congressman Jim Renacci. Onshore fundraisers... offshoring jobs.

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