2:49 PM Eastern - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On the Road for the Latino Vote #default

SEIU's International Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina is making his rounds mobilizing Latinos to the polls. The key electorate has the potential to define America's choice in the elections. This week's stop is California.

Medina has joined SEIU canvassers and phone bankers throughout California to urge the Latino community to vote and inform them of two important propositions on the ballot this year.


Voters are being urged to support Prop 30--a much needed measure that would help rescue California schools from even more budget cuts.

Prop 32, on the other hand, is simply an unfair attempt by wealthy corporations to silence the political voices of workers. The measure would ban public employee unions from contributing directly to campaigns and prohibit them from collecting dues for political purposes.

Eliseo Medina rallied SEIU's United Long Term Care Workers (ULTCW) phone bankers in Los Angeles, telling them, "Thanks to your work, the Latino community is finding out how important it is to say YES to Proposition 30, and NO to Proposition 32."

SEIU Local 99 and Good Jobs LA were also visited by Medina who hit the phones with volunteers. He will also be joining Mi Familia Vota canvassers across California to knock on doors and spread the word about the state propositions.

Earlier, Medina was in Phoenix, AZ, joining SEIU Local 48's efforts to mobilize the Latino vote and beat out 2010's turnout rate of Latino voters, which was the highest in any state.

Next stop for Eliseo Medina is the battleground state of Colorado where over 225,000 Latinos are expected to vote and can potentially influence the state's choice this year.

Stay tune for more updates from the road.

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