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Oracle Open World meets real heroes #default

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Oracle Open World is one of the largest tech. conferences in the world.

But amid the high-dollar celebration, a group of security officers visited to draw attention to the hard work that they do for often very little money.

Oracle has used the image of superheroes to market its products for some time, so a group of officers from companies including U.S. Security Associates, to remind the revelers what real heroes look like.

Richard Martin, a California-based officer who joined the leafleting, said:

Many people don't think of security officers as superheroes, but just think - we keep you safe, we raise families on often low pay and, sadly, too often we are invisible to the very people who we protect.

"Today was my first day at Oracle Open World, and it was really good to spend time getting the word out with my fellow officers. We passed out over 1000 leaflets today. It's also a great experience for me as a security officer working for a security company in Silicon Valley to send message to the people that we protect everyday on why security should have a decent wage and affordable health insurance."

It was a clear message to the company - please respect your security officers - they are real heroes and they need good jobs!

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